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2018 NMCI Student Innovation Competition Prize giving

Prizes were presented today to the winning teams in the NMCI 1st year Innovation Competition. The competition, now in its third year has proved to be very popular with all the first year cadet classes – Trainee Deck Officers (TDO), Marine Engineering Officers (MEO) and Electro-Technical Officers (ETO). The standard this year was very high. The innovation ideas put forward were excellent and the pitches made to the judges earlier this month before all their peers were very well done.
Entries this year spanned a wide range of maritime topics covering search and rescue, environmental protection, operational efficiency to crew welfare and wellbeing. Technology featured strongly of course, however it was very encouraging to see the teams fully recognising that an innovative technology or use of a technology is only part of the story. All participating teams presented strong pitches that considered key issues of funding, team-building, product & service development, production and marketing. As has become a feature of the NMCI Innovation Competition, there were also a number of projects focussed on “social entrepreneurship” – the use of start-up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural or environmental issues. It is very encouraging to see the depth and breadth of awareness amongst NMCI’s students about social and environmental matters.
The winning teams for 2018 were COLREGSOL – team members Andrei Kohut, Eoin Clarke and Ibon Iriondo – and SEA SOAP – team members Ross Biggane, Dan Hindle, Matthew O’Shea and Ciaran Quinn. COLREGSOL pitched an innovative navigational aid that runs trial manoeuvers in the background and displays the best possible solution to the ongoing situation in real time with the aim of avoiding vessel collisions and groundings. SEASOAP – “SHIP EMISSION AND SURFACE OIL AERIAL PATROL” pitched an unmanned aerial system to be used to as a service by port state authorities to check ships in their jurisdiction that may be polluting the environment or as an environmental audit for private companies. COLREGSOL and SEASAOP demonstrated an excellent understanding of the entrepreneurship process and how to work as a team to get things done. Congratulations to both. Along with a number of their classmates, the COLREGSOL and SEASOAP teams will now go on to particpate in the CIT Student Innovation Competition that takes place in the coming weeks as part of CIT Innovation Week.
Our thanks to the competition organiser Ms. Jane O’Keefe, Logistics & Supply Chain lecturer at NMCI. Also, our thanks to Mr. Paul Healy, Innovation Centre Manager at CIT’s Rubicon Centre and Ms. Miriam Adair Enterprise Intern at CIT for their continued support, time and encouragement. The competition judges this year were Paul Healy, Miriam Adiar and Cormac Gebruers, the HALPIN Centre manager.

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