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AT VIRTUAL Internet of Things open call to SME’s

The first call of AT-Virtual is open. This project finances the development of Internet of Things (IoT) pilots up to € 15K with the possibility of + € 3K for hardware. The call is open until October 30th 2020. Visit the website to learn more.

There are two pilots that SME’s can apply for:

Environmental Sensor Array

To design and develop a prototype of a ‘smart’ buoy that will be docked at the jetty / inshore for the measurement of the state of the sea in shallow water with wireless capacity (e.g. LoRa). To design and implementation of a mobile (3G/4G) data visualization and monitoring system or platform.

System for monitoring and Sending Personalized Messages

Designing and implementing a system for monitoring and sending alarms and/or messages of support to mobile devices (smartphone and/or wearables) that students carry during their training practices. The situations where the devices must be serviced will be indoors (training room), inside a swimming pool, where the messages should be, especially, easily interpretable and in outdoor practice areas.

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