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Circular Seas

Turning ocean plastic waste into green products for maritime industries

CircularSeas will progress the adoption of a Green Economy in the Atlantic Area, as a means to adapt and diversify economic activities fully tapping into Green Growth potential and to reduce the environmental impact in the ocean. Circular Seas will promote the development of eco-innovative green products and components through the combination of 3D printing technology and the use of recycled ocean plastic waste and new biodegradable, renewable and high performance polymers. Maritime industries such as Fisheries, Aquaculture, Shipyard and Port Management including nautical sports will constitute target industries for this technology transfer. CircularSeas will test and transfer the technology, materials and business cases for the development of a greener economy allowing the emergence of new business models. CircularSeas will also contribute to broader EU challenges such as Circular Economy Principles and a zero waste programme for Europe aligned to the EU Strategy on Plastics – 2018. It will contribute to the reduction of new plastic waste in the ocean and the recycling of existing waste plastic stock closing the material stream loop.



European Regional Development Fund: Interreg Atlantic Area Programme


Leartiker S. Coop. País Vasco Spain


Start; April 2019 – March 2022. Duration; 3 years


Project Manager & lead researcher; Niall Curran


Resource Efficiency, Technology innovation

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