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Extended Reality – The Future of Immersive Technology across MTU and beyond

Halpin was delighted to join colleagues from Kerry and Bishopstown last week, during the final day of MTU’s month-long showcase of research, innovation and enterprise activities ongoing across all six MTU campuses, to present the recently launched TUTF funded NExIS project to MTU staff, students and external stakeholders.

Slotted into the Innovation and Enterprise Month program of webinars, competitions, talks, seminars and performances, and marking the occasion of the first public dissemination event delivered by the NExIS team, the event introduced attendees to the strategic collaboration between the AgriTech Centre of Excellence (ACE), the Nimbus Research Centre and the Halpin Centre. The team plans to build immersive technology capacity in the industrial and education sectors and particularly within the MTU ecosystem, and to improve regional accessibility to this state-of-the-art technology.

The event featured spectacular live-streamed demonstrations from the ACE Virtual Reality Suite, overviews of the state-of-the-art extended reality facilities at the Nimbus Extended Reality Innovation Lab (XRIL) and a review of research opportunities in the maritime training sector exploiting extended reality. Halpin plays two key roles in this exciting project, so further updates will be coming soon.

Dr. Joe Walsh at MTU Kerry, broadcasting his introduction speech live from the ACE Virtual Reality suite, with the Halpin logo projected behind him as part of the simultaneous multi-media demonstration.

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