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Maritime professionals on board: please fill out this survey to keep our profession future-proof!

SkillSea (FutureProof Skills for the Maritime Transport Sector) is a new EU-funded ERASMUS+ project aiming at developing strategies, identifying and meeting the future skills’ needs of the maritime sector.

This survey, serving the objectives of the project, seeks to measure gaps between present and future skills as these arise from the trends and drivers in Maritime Shipping and are reflected in maritime professionals’ perceptions and expectations. We would be grateful if you could share your views via a short questionnaire.

For maritime professionals on board:

  • Your views are valuable for the future skills of the European Maritime Shipping sector and for the sector as a whole!
  • We only need 10 minutes to complete of your time.

The information provided in the questionnaire will be used for research purposes to inform the project. Your responses will be completely anonymous and never analysed or displayed individually

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