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The Philippines Port Authority Visits NMCI & HALPIN

[Cork, August 23rd 2017]
A delegation from the Philipines Port Authority (PPA) came to NMCI this week as part of a first visit by the Authority under a new collaboration between the Port of Cork and the PPA. The Port of Cork is providing the PPA with knowledge and insight to assist the PPA in developing cruise shipping opportunities in the Philippines. Over the course of the week long visit, the PPA had the benefit of meeting and engaging with Port of Cork staff across all aspects of operations and also to meet with the team in NMCI to discuss training and innovation activities.

PPA-visitThe PPA delegation was given a tour of NMCI’s facilities and introduced to the training services provided by NMCI Services. HALPIN Centre Manager, Cormac Gebruers introduced the Centre to the visitors and outlined HALPIN’s various research & innovation activities relating to port operations including safety, security, supply chain and training & education aspects.

Specifically, the VETPORT project was showcased to the PPA attendees. VETPORT is supporting national and regional adoption of the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) by developing methodologies for recognising competence in port and logistics operations. The project is focussing on three sectoral professions namely Terminal and Port Manager, Planning Supervisor and Articulated Vehicle Driver. The project will develop new innovative curricula, educational methods and training courses that will help overcome skills mismatches that exist and will support employee mobility. PPA-logoA successful project will see VET policies more closely aligned with national, regional and local development strategies and new partnerships created between educators and employers.

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